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Where Dental Health Meets Whole Body Health

There is a connection between teeth and the rest of your body. 

We have moved away from this "old fashioned" way of Dentistry, where Dentistry has to be done a certain way. Through our many years of training and research, we have been able to use the safest, most non-invasive, and least toxic dental materials in our practice. We are consistently learning new methods and implementing newer and better materials in our office.

This biologic approach is practiced throughout our entire dental office. It starts with our technology, we utilize digital radiography and 3D cone beams for detection of underlying infections. We use an intraoral scanner that virtually has no radiation and is safe for everyone, including kids and women that are pregnant. 

We utilize biocompatible materials, from our fillings to our crowns and implants. 

A list of our biocompatible dental technology:

  • Digital radiography

  • Intraoral photography

  • 3D CBCT for the detection of infections

  • TRIOS digital impressions scanner

  • Diagnodent early caries detector

  • Laser technology

  • Microscope

  • 3D printer

Safely Removing Mercury



Amalgam or silver fillings can be unesthetic and over time can cause cracks and lead to tooth loss. If you're looking for a solution, we can replace them with natural and biocompatible material. 


Silver fillings must be carefully removed by a Dentist, this is because large amounts of mercury are released when taking the mercury out and can be toxic for your health. 


Being educated and trained in safely removing amalgam is extremely important. Dr. Osafi implements the [SMART] technique to safely remove mercury fillings. The [SMART] technique implements a series of safety measures for the patient, the assistant, and the dentist. Each room is equipped with filtration systems during any procedure. In addition, we utilize a double vacuum suction device, to ensure that all mercury particulates removed are not breathed in.

Biological Dental Checkup

Every dental checkup is an opportunity for Dr. Osafi to not only check your dental health but also the systems and/or risk your mouth may be having on your whole-body.

Did you know, that periodontal disease or gum disease is one of the leading causes of chronic inflammation?

Dr. Osafi utilizes the latest dental technologies to catch and prevent conditions before turning into large problems. This is why check-ups are extremely important, not just for your teeth, but for your entire body. 


Utilize biocompatible materials to minimize post-operative discomfort

Preventing dental health problems before they start

Use the minimally invasive approach (being as conservative as possible)

Utilizing the most-modern dental technologies to catch and prevent conditions before becoming larger

“I just left Dr. Osafi's office and had to write a review, because I was very impressed with the professionalism and objectivity he showed during my visit. He has an extremely warm demeanor and answered all of the questions I had. He is truly the best Dentist in Seattle.”
— Anthony G.

High-quality at its finest.

Contact us at (206) 741-1700 for exemplary service and care.



Our Seattle Dental Office

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Phone: (206) 741-1700
​Monday – Wednesday: 730am–5pm.
Thursday - Saturday: 6am-6pm.
Sunday: Closed
Address15580 3rd Ave SW Suite #201 Seattle, WA 98166
We are conveniently located in Downtown Burien on 3rd Avenue and 156th Street.
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