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For a long-lasting cosmetic bridge that is designed for the patient, fully contoured Porcelain Zirconia is used for longevity and strength.

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Dental crowns or bridges are a fixed solution to strengthen weak and broken down teeth. Teeth that have suffered damage by wear, bruxing (grinding) or broken down by cavities are in need of crowns or bridges. Routinely, teeth that are root canal treated, or dental implants require crowns. 

If you're missing a tooth and an implant cannot be placed in that area, a dental bridge is a great solution. Bridges can fill the space where the tooth is missing and/or it can prevent the shifting of other teeth. In Cascadia Smiles, our crowns and bridges are fabricated in our office. We use zirconia which is the strongest dental material we have in dentistry. All of our crowns and bridges are cosmetic, as Dr. Osafi is involved of every step of the lab process. Dr. Osafi spends countless hours painting the crowns/bridges after the patient leaves to ensure the crown/bridge is to the patients liking. Not only are these crowns extremely esthetic, but they feel and function like a natural tooth. 

Dr. Osafi has helped thousands of people with missing, broken down, and/or decayed teeth. He will be more than happy to fix your dental needs.

Dental Crowns

Patients in Cascadia Smiles receive dental crowns and bridges made from 100% tooth-colored porcelain ceramic. This is why we call them Cosmetic Crowns and resemble natural tooth structure. 

Dr. Osafi creates his crowns in the same office in our in-house laboratory. He is involved in every process of the way, even in the process of applying the coloring and shine of the tooth. He wants to ensure that each and every one of his patients get the crown that they want. Not this "one size fits all" crown. 

The crowns made in our office are one of a kind, as they are extremely durable and last a very long time. 

Dr. Osafi will answer your questions about the different crowns available and help you make the best choice for your teeth.


Dental Bridges

There are two types of dental bridges — fixed and implant supported.

In either type, a tooth “bridges the gap” left by a missing tooth and attaches to one or both sides of the surrounding teeth.

A bridge is fixed in place and is joined to adjacent teeth.  An implant supported bridge uses an implant to help maintain the stability of the bridge.

Patients will receive bridges made from 100% tooth-colored porcelain ceramic for both fixed and implant supported. These ceramic crowns/bridges are made in our office in Cascadia Smiles.


Fixed, never removable

Permanent and Durable

Protects your teeth from future problems

Extremely esthetic!

Over 1,000 Transformations & Smiling!

Dr. Osafi and his team have transformed over 1,000 smiles. View our smile gallery to see for yourself!

Cosmetic Dentist in Seattle

When looking for a dentist that can perform dental crowns, it is so important to not just consider the cost of the crown but the material that is used. The headache that you would be dealing with when going with a cheaply made is astronomical. Some issues with cheap crowns include darkening at the margin showing a black line when smiling, cracking of porcelain, bite problems with new crowns. 


In Cascadia Smiles, we evaluate your smile, bite and pay attention to the contour of all your teeth wnen creating just one crown. This is the attention that is needed when getting dental bridges and crowns done. Since these prosthesis need to function fully under continous force, it is important that not only they look beautiful on delivery but also that they can maintain their sparkle through time and function which is why in our practice, we utilize Non-Metal, One-Piece Zirconia. A digital computer scan of your teeth would allow us to design your bite to perfection so that you can alleviate any jaw/head pain concerns you may have had. 


We also offer dental sedation options to help you relax and feel at-ease when getting the work completed to ensure that your experience is nothing short of amazing!


"I received a lot of work in two visit by Dr. Osafi and 2 years in have had no issues whatsoever except a whole lot of compliments on my teeth ever single day! Recovery was super fast, easy and painless. My bite felt great right after and just like that, I was able to smile again walking out the door. I truly value the work that I have received by Dr. Osafi and his team!"
- Ramin S.

Cost of Dental Crowns



The Typical cost of dental crowns.


Back Tooth Crown


Front Tooth Crown

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Address15580 3rd Ave SW Suite #201 Seattle, WA 98166

We are conveniently located in Downtown Burien on 3rd Avenue and 156th Street.

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