Efficient and Precise Cavity Fillings

Have a cavity? When your cavity is caught early, a smaller (more conservative) filling would be done. Composite or white fillings can be used for not only esthetics but to minimize the amount of tooth structure we need to remove and give back the strength your tooth once had. 

Traditional fillings consisted of amalgam or silver fillings, which can cause teeth to break over time and look unesthetic. In Cascadia Smiles, we use biocomptaible materials, this minimizes post-operative sensitivity and looks amazing too! 

Dr. Osafi has years of experience and has trained under many prestigious mentors. He is able to give you a filling that not only looks great but feels great and lasts an incredibly long time!

How do I know If I have a cavity?


There are a lot of components that go into why people get cavities. 

Genetics plays a big role, but also environmental factors, such as acidic foods, soda, and foods high in carbohydrates. Nearly 90% of adults will have a cavity at one point in their life. It's best to get it treated early before it becomes worse. 

What are common signs to look for, for cavity detection?

  • Pain when you eat something hot, cold, sweet or apply pressure

  • Having discomfort or soreness in an area of your mouth


In most cases, you may not even know if you have a cavity at all. Which is why its extremely important to get checks frequently.

“The staff remembers my name every time I come in! It’s a great office with a great energy and high-tech equipment. You’ll get you the smile you always wanted.”

— Sonia A.


White Composite Fillings

  • Materials: A strong, durable, beautiful and porcelain-like material

  • Appearance: Extremely esthetic, different color options depending on your natural tooth color

  • Treatment: Minimally invasive procedure, the composite material is bonded to place, and only placed in the area where the cavity was. Maintaining the strength of your natural tooth.


Mercury Silver Fillings

  • Materials: Contains approximately 50% mercury as well as other particulate metals, and has a different texture than your natural teeth (feels rougher)

  • Appearance: Bright silver filling that stands out, and can cause cracks to your teeth, leading to tooth loss. 

  • Treatment: Requires not only the drilling of the cavity but natural tooth structure, as it's not "bonded" to place.


Pain and/or Sensitivity When Chewing

Stained or Discolored Teeth

Discomfort or soreness on a Side of Your Mouth

Dr. Osafi practices [SMART], Safe Mercury Filling Removal


Being educated and trained in safely removing amalgam is extremely important. Dr. Osafi implements the [SMART] technique to safely remove mercury fillings. The [SMART] technique implements a series of safety measures for the patient, the assistant, and the dentist. Each room is equipped with filtration systems during any procedure. In addition, we utilize a double vacuum suction device, to ensure that all mercury particulates removed are not breathed in.


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