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Need Jaw Relief, See A TMJ Dentist

Headaches or migraines are common, but they shouldn't be. Over time we have gotten used to waking up feeling groggy with pain on either one side or both sides of our head. This may be due to your TMJ or temporamandibular joint. 

The TMJ, also known as your "jaw joint" is what allows you to chew and speak. However, it's highly susceptible to damage, especially when teeth are not positioned together, overtime this causes stress to the joint, causing headaches/migraines. 


Call or schedule an appointment in Cascadia Smiles to ask us about several therapy options that we offer.

Common symptoms of TMJ dysfunction or TMD that we see in our office:

  • Pain when speaking, chewing or yawning

  • One-sided or both-sided pain near the temple area of your head when waking up

  • Discomfort or achiness when making movements of your normal facial muscles.

What can cause TMD or TMJ Dysfunction?

  • Crooked or crowded teeth
  • Missing teeth
  • Gaps, chips, cracks, and breaks
  • Uneven tooth surfaces and edges
If you have TMJ Dysfunction or TMD and have any of the above problems, please contact us in Cascadia Smiles.


Headaches & Migraines

Neck Pain

Mental Anxiety

How We Treat TMJ Disorder:

There is no standard method of diagnosing TMJ dysfunction or TMD. Dr. Osafi uses his many years of experience as well as clinical symptoms to diagnose problems. 

The treatment process starts with a comprehensive examination, this includes a review of your medical healthy, dental healthy, and symptoms you have been experiencing and for how long. 

Our TMD or TMJ dysfunction treatment may include:

  • Making dietary changes and/or habits - you can no longer chew gum, or bite your nails

  • We may create a custom dental orthotic device, that stabilizes your bite

  • Creating a custom-fit prosthesis that you wear at night to minimize the stress on the teeth and jaw

  • Prescribing pain medication or anti-inflammatories to provide relief from TMD pain

  • Developing methods to minimize your stress levels

Have Dr. Osafi evaluate you for TMD or TMJ Dysfunction

When you feel hopeless, Dr. Behfar Osafi is here to offer you hope. In the many cases that Dr. Osafi has treated, patients report improvement in just a few weeks. In Cascadia Smiles, you will receive individualized care. Our treatment plans are not a "one size fits all" as each person is different and thus our treatment options have to be different. 

Dr. Osafi not only wants to treat your TMJ pain, but he also wants to improve the quality of your life as well. 

Dr. Osafi is a Top Cosmetic Dentist in Seattle

People from around the world have chosen Dr. Osafi to transform their smile. Due to his commitment to learning and extensive training, he is able to create individualized plans with many options to get the best treatment you need.
Being at the forefront of modern dentistry, he is equipped with the tools needed to ensure the treatment you need is as painless and as conservative as possible.
Dr. Osafi wants to not only enhance your dental quality, he wants to improve your quality of life as well.  

“Dr. Osafi has been my dentist since I moved to Seattle. He takes special care because he knows I’m sensitive to pain.”

— Susan P.



Schedule A TMJ Evaluation Today

There is hope, don't let TMJ pain get in the way of your happiness.
Contact us at (206) 741-1700 to find out more.

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