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Denture Implants

With Denture Implants, there is no need for ill-fitting dentures or denture adhesive. Our Denture Implants are a cost-effective solution for missing teeth that restore chewing functionality and provide a beautiful smile.

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What Are the Benefits of Denture Implants?

Modify Your Current Dentures

You can modify the dentures you already have! The difference – your dentures will fit comfortably and there is no need to use complicated denture adhesives.

Get Much More Teeth Functionality Compared to Traditional Dentures

Denture Implants give you 50-60% functionality of natural teeth, compared to 10-20% for traditional dentures – huge improvements to chewing, tasting and speaking!

Stabilization For Cleaning and Eating

Eat food without your teeth slipping and easily remove dentures for cleaning without messy adhesives – stays in place when you need them, easily removable when you don’t.

Cost & Insurance

Denture Implant Costs

Our Denture Implants are ​​$4,950 per arch. This includes two implants and the denture.

Financing Options

We work with third party financing companies to help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Your monthly financing payments can be as low as $105 per month! This depends on different lending factors, but we help you through the process.

Our Successful Dental Implant Solutions

Before and After

Cascadia Smiles has helped more than 10,000 patients achieve their dream smiles.

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Why Denture Implants with Cascadia Smiles?

Dental Implant Specialists

We have completed over 10,000 dental implants! We specialize in denture implants & dental implants and our 2,000+ patients have benefited from our extensive knowledge on these services – read our patient reviews!

Financing Options to Make Your Smile Attainable

We offer third party financing and have payment plan options. We can also work with your bank financing to ensure you get the smile you deserve. Learn more about our financing options.

We Offer Free Consultations

This includes a 3D X-ray, smile design, review customized plan with your surgeon and a comprehensive treatment plan with pricing.

Dental Processs

Are You Ready to Get Started?

Are you ready to learn more about denture implants? You’ll meet with our doctor to discuss your treatment choices as well as the cost and payment alternatives available to you.

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